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by Unsanitary Napkin

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National hero Restoring faith With that dildo Steven Joyce You’ve been deceiving Here’s comeuppance For your thieving Josie’s here To stand and fight That throbbing phallus Taking flight You should feel shame Ol’ dildo face That toxic deal Is a disgrace Dildo! In the! Face! Dildo Baggins Motivation perfect Execution flawless You join the ranks Of Lucy Lawless DILDO IN THE FACE!!!!
Whose voice are you protecting? You say that you’re being silenced But your speaking provokes violence You chose a side Your claim that you’re free to speak Does not mean you’re free from critique You chose a side We’ll keep calling you a bigot While you spew your bigoted shit You chose a side You chose a side Self-righteous boomers And alt-right youtubers You’ve chosen a side Misogynists, SWERFs "Gender-critical" TERFs You’ve chosen a side White racist purists Conspiracy theorists You’ve chosen a side Hate-speech defenders With hidden agendas You’ve chosen a side Whose voice are you protecting?
Afforded the rank of commodore Complicit in other people’s wars Rewarded with immunity Acting with impunity A power-crazed buffoon Lurking in the bathroom All good Commodore We understand You need your toilet cameras To defend this land Your diplomatic status Went to your head So you thought you’d spend your time Filming butts instead
I’m watched And yet I’m inert What would it take for me to act? Break the passivity before I’m attacked
Using our trauma to push your agenda Depriving us our grief - it doesn’t work for you We did not even have time to surrender Everything’s different after your corporatist coup Education’s fucked, the health system’s been ransacked But the military budget is bloated and sweating Brutal legislation ensures no rebellious acts Reasons not needed for your wanton bloodletting How can you sleep at night? Fuck you Barricading yourselves in your luxury compounds While our minds slowly expire and our bodies too Unemployment skyrocketing, listlessness abound If anyone’s going to hell It's you


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released October 25, 2019

Contenders engineered, recorded, and mixed by Adam Fulton at Bagnall Hill, Te Pahu. Mastered by Vanya Vitali, Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

Unsanitary Napkin recorded, mixed and mastered by Vanya Vitali at Slimebag, Te Whanganui-a-Tara.




Unsanitary Napkin Wellington, New Zealand

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